Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Recent Vintage Goings-Ons:

I love how one of my customers, who owns this Etsy shop: ModIndustrialDesigns designs lighting! She purchased the birdcage that you see on the left from my shop and converted it into a lamp that she is giving someone as a gift... LOVE IT!! You can see the before photo as it was listed in my shop below... So fun!!


Recently I purchased a new large, vintage hamper that matches the smaller one I have from Craig's List... :) I buy vintage from all types of sources and although I'm not able or want to indulge much right now (planning on moving so I'm trying to wait on buying home decor for awhile), I really needed another hamper and I love this one!!! :) Here is my almost two year-old kitten/psycho/crackhead, Buzzy (or Booey), enjoying it maybe more than I do!!! :D :)
And, lastly... Don't forget that it's 30% off everything in these sections: Art And Wall Decor, Clothing Belts Shoes, and Childrens Clothing Shoes!! Just use the coupon code: 30PERCENTOFF at checkout and it will deduct 30% off the price of your item(s) before shipping. This sale won't be lasting long (possibly only a few more days) so check it out!!! :) Here are some new and recent additions to these sections to your left and below...

Anyways, that's it for now so have a great day, thank you for stopping by, and have fun shopping!!! :) Take care!!! :D :)

She's A Rainbow Vintage

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Promotional Frenzy Team On Etsy Treasury BNR!!!




Check it out!!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

30% off everything in the Art And Wall Decor, Clothing, & Childrens Clothing Shoes sections!!

Shes A Rainbow Vintage

30% off everything in the Art And Wall Decor, Clothing, & Childrens Clothing Shoes sections--> Enter coupon code: 30PERCENTOFF at check out and it will deduct 30% off your purchase before the cost of shipping. I accept reasonable offers on all items in the shop, also. Just send me a convo regarding that! ♥ ENJOY!! ♥

Shes A Rainbow Vintage